About Community:

Our Yemeni American community has a rich and historic presence in American society. The Yemeni American community is considered to be one of the fastest growing voting blocks in this area.  Our Yemeni community is well known for its integrity, law-abiding citizens, hospitality, and work ethic.  We are keeping with our traditions and assimilating American values and systems.  Our Community is growing into a viable and united voice as we branch out from cities within Metro Detroit to communities like Port Huron, Flint, and Cold Water.  In addition, there is a prominent Yemeni community in other states for instance; New York, California, Illinois and Texas.  Some community members have played a major role in many of the well-known social and political organizations throughout the past 30 to 40 years.  As our community continues to grow, so do our expectations.  Our community faces new challenges daily, the good news is we are in a better position today to deal with the challenges.  The Yemeni community in Michigan has come together and formed the Yemeni American Public Affairs Council to educate, assimilate and integrate into the mainstream American society.  In addition, this Council has a political arm (“YPAC”) to play a major political role in our society.  To make this a viable and successful entity, the community has gathered a diverse, highly educated and experienced group.  They are first, second, and third generation Yemeni Americans who represent the Yemeni American community.  The board is made up of medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, managers, educators, and activists.  The committee’s intention is to have a very diverse representation from within our Michigan community: male and female, young and mature, educated and students, from various cities all over S.E. Michigan.  However, this does not limit YAPAC to Michigan.  YAPAC will encompass Yemeni activists in all states.  To assure that the community is well represented and its experience and knowledge are fully utilized.  Our determination will assure YAPAC will be the premier political organization for Yemeni Americans.  In closing, YAPAC is open to all.  YAPAC is eager and privileged to promote and represent our community.  We look forward to working with all interested entities and individuals in building bridges for our community.  Our growing community is stronger and united, willing, and welcomes you all with open arms.